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alligatorjuice [userpic]
panel handouts 2012
by alligatorjuice (princess_eowyn)
at April 22nd, 2012 (10:43 pm)

these are the handouts from this year's lolita on a budget panel. they're not radically changed from last year, but some of the info is updated (some web addresses changed, some commercial patterns have been added to or removed from the list.)

Off-brand Buying Guide

• Fitted in the bust and waist.
• Buttons all the way up to the neck (or can be altered to do so).
• Puffed sleeves.
• Some loliable details such as lace, ruffles, a Peter Pan collar, etc.
• Plain-colored puff-sleeve t-shirts are ideal for casual coordinates

• Waist sits on your natural waist.
• Hem is at least three times your waist measurement.
• Flares out directly from the waist.
• Knee length.

• Fitted in the bust and waist.
• Waist sits on your natural waist.
• Hem is at least three times your waist measurement.
• Flares out directly from the waist.
• Knee length.
• JSKs should be able to fit a blouse underneath.

• Mary Janes are the traditional Lolita shoe, and are generally easy to find in the basic Lolita colors.
• Look for flat or low-heeled shoes.
• Platform Mary Janes are another good shoe option.
• Avoid very high heels.

Other Items to Look For:
• Cardigan
• Headbands with bows or flowers. (Avoid shiny fabrics)
• Small tote bag
Glossary of Terms

Alice bow – A large-to-medium sized hairbow, often worn on a plastic headband.

Bolero – A short, tailored jacket.

Cutsew – A blouse, generally casual in style, made of knit (t-shirt) material and constructed with serged seams.

Headdress – Also called a headpiece. A long rectangular or oval hair ornament trimmed with lace and secured to the head with ribbons.

JSK – Jumperskirt. A dress that has straps instead of sleeves and is usually worn over a blouse.

OP – A one-piece dress.

OTK – Over-the-knee socks.

Petticoat – Also called a pannier or crinoline. A garment made of tulle or organza worn under a Lolita skirt in order to give it the proper bell shape.

Shirring – Elastic gathering on a garment to enable it to fit different sizes.

Where to buy Lolita clothing and accessories online

Livejournal communities:
egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/ - EGL sales community. You must have a feedback page on the feedback community before posting - eglfeedback.livejournal.com/
egl-group-order.livejournal.com/ - Community for Lolita group orders.
egl-plus.livejournal.com/ - Community for plus-sized Lolita discussion. Posts for sales of plus-sized Lolita clothing are allowed.

www.sockdreams.com – Socks and tights. Many styles will fit plus sizes.
www.welovecolors.com - Socks and tights in a wide variety of colors.
www.retroscopefashions.com – Sells Fan+Friend clothing. Mostly Steampunk, some Lolita.
www.englishcharm.com – Seamstress offering designs which can be made in a variety of colors and sizes.

Etsy shops:

Overseas companies:
www.annahousefashion.com – Prices are in Hong Kong dollars. Use a currency converter such as www.xe.com
How to Recognize Stolen Photos

Why is important to know if photos are stolen?
Spotting a stolen photo could save you from being scammed. Stolen photos are often used by questionable sellers who use a photo of a dress they intend to make but with lower quality materials. The end product almost never matches the item in the stolen photo.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a photo is stolen is by looking at the photo’s background. Look at other photos on the same website; are there different backgrounds in different pictures? Do some of these backgrounds look like those you’ve seen on other websites (the red curtains in BtSSB photos, for example)? Or perhaps the pictures look like the original backgrounds have been Photoshopped out.

Most brands put some sort of watermark, or mark identifying the owner of the image, on the images they put on their websites. Often, this mark is put along the edge of the photograph. When an image is stolen, the watermark could be cropped out, or the person using the image could put their larger, often more obtrusive watermark, over the existing watermark.

Dress forms/Models
A website which has taken its pictures from many other websites will not only have pictures with varying backgrounds, but may also have several different dress forms. Backgrounds may be changed with some level of success, but dress forms are harder to edit out inconspicuously. Occasionally, in photos where the clothes are shown on models, the model’s face may be cropped out, blurred, or otherwise obscured.

Lolita Sewing Resources

Online Tutorials:

Basic skirt

Half-shirred skirt

Skirt with ruffles and pintucks

Six-panel skirt

Bustle underskirt


Downloadable blouse pattern


Raglan-sleeved cutsew

Shirred OP

Zip-up JSK


Hair bow

Flower hair combs

Tote bag

Organza petticoat

Tulle petticoat

Sewing how-to:


Beginner’s guide to sewing
Part 1 – tools and materials
Part 2 – picking a pattern

Fabric Preparation

Sewing details common in Lolita fashion

Scalloped hem tutorial

Shirring tutorial

Garment construction basics

Stenciling with freezer paper

Websites of interest:

sew-loli.livejournal.com/ - Lolita sewing Livejournal community.
www.craftster.org – Crafting and sewing forums.
www.mysewingcircle.com – Sewing forums and resources.
www.threadsmagazine.com/- Sewing articles and how-to
www.burdastyle.com/ - Downloadable patterns

Helpful sewing books:
Teach Yourself Visually – Sewing – Debbie Colgrove– ISBN 9780471749912
Teach yourself Visually – Fashion Sewing – Carole Ann Camp – ISBN 9780470542972
Sew Everything Workshop – Diana Rupp– ISBN 9780761139737
The New Complete Guide to Sewing – Reader’s Digest– ISBN 1606522086
The Art of Manipulating Fabric - Colette Wolff– ISBN 9780801984969

Commercial sewing patterns:

New Look 6457 (add fullness to skirt)
New Look 6776
Kwik Sew 3521
Simplicity 1873 (lengthen skirt)
Simplicity 2444
Simplicity 3673 (View C only)

Simplicity 1941
Simplicity 3684
New Look 6599
New Look 6078

Butterick 5285
McCall’s 5631

Simplicity 4015 (skirt must be lengthened)
New Look 6587

Simplicity 2777
Folkwear 203

Simplicity 2478
Simplicity 2862


Posted by: havocmangawip (havocmangawip)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)

Wow! This is excellent! I'm sad that I missed T-Con. I leave for ACen on Wednesday. I still had work to do on hair accessories. I am a fan of shiny hair accessories (I went crystal crazy, but they're low contrast colors so it's more of a shimmer), but that's with generally gothic and now some classic. (You know your stuff... so you know that shiny doesn't always mean poorly made. I couldn't find silk flowers I liked, so I've made them.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE English Charm and I was lucky enough to model Silversark's Alice Cards dress at ACen's fashion show in 2009. :) It's my dream dress.

I'll be pointing all new Lolitas here. You don't have to have brand to look great. It's all about style.

Posted by: alligatorjuice (princess_eowyn)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2012 03:10 am (UTC)

thanks! i'm glad this list helps.

the note about shininess is merely about shiny fabrics. cheap (quality) satin ribbons are shiny, nicer quality ones have more of a sheen than an actual shine. and rhinestones can be as shiny as they want; that's what rhinestones do. :) no argument here.

Posted by: havocmangawip (havocmangawip)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)

Now I know I need to drag Colleen and Kia to meets in Rochester. CAR POOL! ROAD TRIP!!!

I've threatened Emily with visits while she's in the city. She'll know the garment district like the back of her hand. French Silk Ribbon HERE I COME!*Japanese from Mokuba as well!) (The quality of what I can get by the yard around here is getting BLECH. I'm more for a ribbon with a pin on it than a BIG BOW... I'm too old for that... well, mostly.)

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